Training and Consultation

Training and Consulting with Haitian Teachers

Corey Gifford M.S. started training Haitian teachers in 2011 to utilize positive and healthy forms of discipline in their classrooms. A significant number of elementary schools in Haiti use corporal punishment as their main form of discipline. Providing behavioral training and consultation to teachers could improve children’s wellness.  With better behavioral management in classrooms it may be possible for Haitian children to be happier, more productive, get better test scores, increase their learning, and reduce stress. The schools may also obtain happier teachers, modernized strategies, better funding and tuition rates.

Eliminating corporal punishment in classrooms in an attempted culturally sensitive way is the major focus of these trainings along with encouraging team building and teamwork among the schools administration and teachers. Visible improvements have been seen through training along with reported teacher satisfaction in the past. Continued training, development, evaluation, and new locations are still needed. Change is not easy, especially within the difficult environment of Haiti with limited resources.  We are looking for a group of teachers in PAP that is willing to learn and grow.

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