Healthy Programs for Children

I. RAW Haiti Water Program

Provide clean drinking water to children by donating to the water program



The primary focus of healthy programs for children is to encourage creative development through art and athletics. We do different things within this mission. We sponsor teachers for these programs along with encouraging their continued training. In order to maximize the program, help is needed to train our teachers in activities such as art, drama, dance, music, singing, yoga, and various athletics. By training our teachers, we are giving them the skills necessary to take ownership of their programs. We help in the efforts of food programs along with sending supplies. We also develop and put in winter and summer camps for youth in Haiti, similar to that of after school programs. Our interns help develop handouts for art projects, which are then translated. Youth groups will be practicing these activities and utilizing them in a camp in Les Cayes, Haiti starting August 4th, 2013. We will also be distributing these materials to locations that we collaborate with. RAW Haiti will continue to support these healthy programs for children in Haiti. The more people support us the better the programs will be able to benefit the Haitian children.