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Damabiah Orphelia is a wonderful orphanage that we work with in Delmas 48, Haiti. They have great need to basic materials to better the lives of the children they serve like food, water, clothes, hygiene and school supplies. We are in constant communication with the DO orphanage when we are not in Haiti. They are glad to send us beautiful pictures, updates of what is happening on the ground, and continuous documentation of their progress of the children.


A word from the director, Alexis Guelmo: “The Damabiah Orphelina appeared in 2005. We have 50 children, many of these children go to another school. We have 295 small children going to our elementary school on the orphanage grounds called Jesus le Redempteur. The Haitian government doesn’t give anything to Damabiah Orphelina and we have many problems paying for the children’s schooling. Please give each child a father or a mother.” We are currently collaborating about the development of a child sponsorship program for the DO orphanage.



January 2012 Trip Update
Corey brought a load of food to the kids at the orphanage on Christmas Eve and also New Years Eve with money we have been raising. This helped the children have nice holidays with a little more food.


March 2012 Trip Update

Corey brought another load of food to the children at the orphanage with raised funds. Money was also given to the director for a truck load of water and charcoal for cooking.