Metal Art Store

Our Online Haitian metal art store will be coming in the near future.


One of our Fund Raising Efforts

It is our goal to empower the local community to be independent. We do this through multiple facets. The most prominent way we encourage financial development for the communities is by bringing goods made locally back to the US and sell them. For example, it is possible that the crafts made by the kids in the after school program, in the future, could be sold in the states and the proceeds would go to purchasing more supplies needed for children’s art programs.

Metal Artisans Project


 The Metal Artisans Project aims to increase the capacity of local artists to reach international markets while sharing the beauty and pride of Haitian artwork. The metal artisans live in a village among other artists who have been making metal sculptures for generations. We selected these particular artists because they are passionate, aspiring artists. There are about seven young men working together in their shop. Each artist brings his own special skills to create each piece.


Sculptures start with a recycled drum of tomato paste. Every step is done by hand, starting with disassembling the drum and drawing the design on the raw metal. It is then carefully cut, shaped, polished, painted, and sealed to create a beautiful sculpture. Custom pieces are available and amazing.


This fundraising program helps the metal artisan’s by purchasing large amounts of their art work. Remaining proceeds go directly to Healthy Programs for Children in Haiti.