US Volunteers

We work with interns/volunteers from different universities and professionals wanting to help. Much of this volunteer work involved can be done remotely, including administrative, web design, photo correction, video editing, graphic design, and more. We need further help in many different areas including video and photography. 

RAW Haiti VolunteersMJ B is currently a student pursuing her Bachelor’s in Digital Media and Web Technology. She was born and raised in South Korea and was a volunteer in an after-school institution teaching younger children Web design in Korea. She came to the U.S in early 2013, and She has still had a passion for helping people and joined RAW Haiti in hopes to help other people.

한국 출생으로 한국에서 대학 졸업 후 2013년 미국으로 이민, 현재 워싱턴에 거주하고 있으며, 오래전부터 흥미를 가져왔던 웹디자인을 정식으로 공부하기 위해 디지털 미디어 웹 테크놀로지를 이수 중이다.  한국에서는 방과후 봉사기관에서 아이들을 대상으로 웹디자인을 가르치기도 했고, 지금도 누군가를 도울 때 가장 큰 행복을 느낀다. RAW Haiti에서는 사이트 컨텐츠 업로드 및 관리를 돕고 있다.

RAW Haiti Volunteers

Meghan Cusack is a social worker in Washington DC. Meghan holds her Master’s Degree in International and Community Development and has a passion for advancing international human rights. She hopes to work with RAW Haiti in an effort to develop international social justice and spread knowledge and education of third-world countries in the US. She will be taking on many different projects with us, due to her mental health background.

Please contact Corey at if you wish to volunteer in some way.
Many different types of volunteers are needed at this time.