Volunteer on Trips to Haiti


RAW Haiti takes many different types of professionals to volunteer in Haiti starting in 2014. We are always looking for psychologists, professionals, and students to join us on our on the ground work in Haiti. We have been staying at a family guest house in Bon Repos and working at Delma 48/ City Soleil, Haiti.



 Current pricing for a 7 day trip, which includes guest house, food, water, translator, beach trip, and shared transportation for $700 USD each person. In addition to this you will need a plane ticket ($600 depending), a little spending money, and additional funds to help support the program that you would like to work with during your trip. We will work with you to make an individualized trip program plan that fits your strengths and work. Please contact Corey for further information about trip possibilities and we will set up a phone or Skype meeting.

Next Trips January 10-24, 2017, Fall 2017 and January and February 2018.

Please contact us to set up  group trips at other times of the year, with 4-10+ people.




See our Facebook Page about our recent trips and program updates

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Trip July 23-29th, 2013 - Check out the Video of the trip!

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In the future, we plan to take a youth group team to Haiti to get involved in missions work for Haiti.
We want to bring our youth’s learning full circle by taking them to Haiti to put on a creative arts and athletics camp for a group of children in Haiti.
Youth and adult volunteers needed along with 2-3 medical and dental professionals. Depending on interested parties.


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Haiti has many beauties and many struggles.

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Continued trips will be developed and posted on our website.

Will post on www.idealist.org in the future.