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Board of Directors


Dr. Corey Gifford Psy.D., President of RAW Haiti

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Founder and Executive Director Corey Gifford has her doctorate in clinical psychology from Antioch University New England in Keene, New Hampshire. She has been to Haiti many times (15++), taking her first trip in July of 2010.  When not in Haiti, Corey resides in Massachusetts volunteering for RAW Haiti and starting a private counseling practice. Within her current work in Haiti she provides consulting, program development, training, team leadership and supervision.

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Natalie Sturdevant, Secretary of RAW Haiti

Natalie Sturdevant is a Registered Nurse, currently working on her Master’s in Community and Public Health. Prior to nursing, she worked as an 8th grade reading teacher, K-12 teacher coach, and technical writer. Her works have been published in Teaching Tolerance and Paste Magazine.  Natalie visited Haiti in June and December 2011 as a ground volunteer for another organization. Since that time, Natalie has worked closely with Corey Gifford, President of RAW Haiti. Natalie’s specialties lie in the field of education and communications.


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Julie Brown, LICSW

Julie F. Brown, PhD, is the author of the Emotion Regulation Skills System for the Cognitively Challenged Client: A DBT™-Informed Approach (2016). Julie is the director of the Skills System at Justice Resource Institute, is an Affiliate Research Professor at the Simmons School of Social Work at Simmons College in Boston, MA, and an adjunct faculty at the Trauma Center at JRI. She is an independently licensed social worker and has provided individual and group therapy for individuals with complex learning and behavioral health issues for over 25 years. Additionally, Julie has been a DBT trainer with Behavioral Tech, LLC (Linehan Institute) since 2005, specializing in improving the accessibility of DBT for individuals with cognitive impairments/behavioral health issues. She has published articles and book chapters addressing issues related to intellectual disabilities. She has presented and trained extensively on the topics of intellectual disabilities, the Skills System, DBT, and the treatment of sexual abusers in the US and abroad.

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Woodeman Joseph

Woodeman’s focus on the board is consulting about the Haitian culture, adaptations of programs, and translation as he is fluent in 3+ languages (Creole, French, and English). He was a primary school teacher for five years, along with being a literacy teacher for two years in a technical program for young adults living in the street. These 12 to 23 year old’s did not have the chance to continue school. He taught them not only how to read and write, but also how to manage their behavior. Woodeman started working as a translator after the earthquake in January, 2010. He also was a business instructor and loan collector for a non-profit organization in Haiti. His focus with RAW Haiti is to translate, help coordinate work between Haiti and the US, along with working with children and youth. He has ideas about further developing a Sports Program that incorporates learning about soccer, yoga, God, and self-discipline. Woodeman always dreamed about developing programs in Citi Sole, Haiti and now it is a reality. Even when he is not in Haiti, he will be managing things remotely and keeps updated.

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Kiah Murphy

Kiah traveled to Haiti in 2012 and is completing her degree at Clark University in International Development. She has been an active member of our Board and currently is our Summer Assistant Director- Special Intern for the summer. We appreciate her focus on sustainable programs and children…

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Michael Kehoe, Legal Counsel

Mike is our lawyer on the Board of RAW Haiti. He is a Partner at Partridge Snow & Hahn LLP in New Bedford, MA. In addition to his legal expertise with real estate, trusts, personal planning, consulting, and diverse business advising,  he also has considerable experience helping start and growing non-profit organizations. He established RAW Haiti’s legal non-profit status in Massachusetts in December of 2012 and continues to work with us on a pro-bono basis.

Ed Adamowski CPA, Co-Treasurer of RAW Haiti

Ed is our Accountant on the Board of RAW Haiti. He is a partner at Adamowski & Adamowski, P.C. in Dartmouth, MA. In addition to extensive tax and accounting expertise, he also helps non-profit organizations operate appropriately. He currently is working hard and pro-bono to obtain a 501c3 status for RAW Haiti along with consulting about our moving forward.